For Tourist  

Mairipora is 25 km from the state capital and is the largest urban expanse of native forest on the planet. It features a tropical climate with environmental reserves, numerous springs, and streams ideal for sightseeing, adventure sports and contemplation of nature. We offer very nice, simple hosting near the center, with accommodation in rooms for two or three people. It is the Ideal place if you want to be in touch with mountains, birds and wild animals. We serve both groups and families wishing to promote outdoor workshops and activities such as hiking and nature viewing.



1. Vegetarian and organic cuisine: Presented by a professional of the area with visits to an organic production farm to harvest fruits and vegetables for the workshop and consumption. 

2. Aromatherapy: Production of products with aromatic oils for personal therapeutic purposes (after an evaluation each participant will make their products) such as: oil for massage, topical sprays and creams. 

3. Ikebana: Ikebana is the art of assembling flower arrangements based on pre-established rules and symbolism. Ikebana is a Japanese term that means living flowers and is usually meant for gift giving or religious offerings 
Social Activities: Visitation to an orphanage or nursing home to conduct social visits, gifting with Ikebana, and intervention. 


Wagner da Rocha 

Holistic therapist with a degree in Physical Education from the University of São Paulo, and 30 years of experience in healthcare Director of Quiron institute.



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